Learn how to use this forum

If you are new to the TTIX Forum and want to know how the form works, read here below to learn the basics and participate in the conversation.


  1. A “topic” is a forum thread. It is the subject of a conversation/discussion. The topic of this page is “Learn how to use this forum.”
  2. Posts” are contributions to a topic. They are what people contribute to the conversation. You are reading the first post in the topic on Learn how to use this forum.
  3. The “Composer” is the place where you type and preview a post, at the bottom of your screen

Forum organization

The TTIX Forum is organized into categories, which group topics around the same subject. Every category has a description to help you identify where to look for content. At the moment, we have 4 categories:

  • New users section - To orient yourself in this TTIX forum, learn its tools and rules, and participate in the conversation.
  • e-discussions - For the weekly online discussions ahead of the TTI Exchange 2018.
  • FAQ - For the most common question about how to use the TTIX online forum
  • Uncategorized - For topics that don’t need a category, or don’t fit into any other existing category.

Look at the category structure and get familiar with how the discussions are organized. You can access the categories on the Forum homepage and use the all categories pull-down menu.

Finding forum content

You can use the forum search (magnifying glass icon image ) on the top left, to search for topics, posts, categories, and users.

Another way to look for content is to click on the hamburger menu (image) and then click on Latest, New, Unread, Top posts, or click on the category you want to navigate to.

Reading posts in a topic

When you select a topic title, you will be taken to the next unread reply in the topic. To enter at the top or bottom, select the reply count or last reply date.

If you are reading a topic with several replies, you can use the progress bar on the right for navigation controls.

Signing up & logging in

While some parts of this forum are publicly accessible, you will need to login in order to:

  1. Post on the forum
  2. Read the contributions by others in the weekly e-discussions.

If you have received and accepted the invitation to join the TTIX Forum, log in with your username and password.

If you don’t have an invitation, but would still like to join this forum, click on Sign Up to register. Note that your request to join will have to be approved by our form admins or moderators before you are able to login onto the forum.

Contributing to a discussion

To share your views and contribute to an existing topic/discussion, use the Reply buttons:

  • at the bottom of a post - to reply to a specific post/user

  • at the bottom of a topic - to reply to the topic itself.

Clicking the reply button next to a post or at the bottom of the thread will open the Composer on the bottom of the screen. The left side of the Composer is for typing. The right side gives you a preview of what your post will look like to everyone else.

When you reply to a post/topic, you can also:

  • Quote another user - Select the text you wish to quote, then press any reply button.

  • Mention another user - Type @ , and an autocompleter will display, which you can select their username from.

  • Use emoji - just start typing : or the traditional smileys :smile: :smile:

Posting a new topic

User can reply to any existing topic/discussion posted in eacch forum category. However, for safety reasons, new users are not allowed to post a new topic in all forum categories. But as you participate in this forum, your trust level will increase and posting limitations will automatically be removed.

For example, if you want to create a new topic in the FAQ category, click on the “create a new topic" link at the bottom of the category:

Make sure your topic is posted in the correct category, and to use a clear, explanatory title. Both of those will greatly increase the chance of the right people seeing your post.

Actions: Liking, sharing, bookmarking

Use the action buttons at the bottom of each post, or at the bottom of a topic:

  • Like - Click the :heart: (heart) button to “like” a post.
  • Sharing & bookmarking - Click on the icons as in the image below to share a link to a post or a topic, or bookmark it for later reference.


When another forum user replies to you, quotes your post, or mentions your @username, a number will appear at the top right of the page. Click on it to access your notifications .

Reading and posting via emails

By default, you will receive an email when a new post is contributed by a user. The email will include [TTIX] in the subject line, the name of the forum category and the title of the topic.

When you reply to the email, your post will be also posted on the forum, and delivered to other forum users. So if you prefer, you can interact on this forum just via email :wink: .

In the email, you will also have the possibility to click and visit the topic online on the foru, or to unsubscribe form this type of emails.

Your preferences

You can access your user preferences to change your account details (Name, email, picture, etc…); edit your profile, modify your notification preferences, etc…

This post is based on this original post from Codeacademy Forums