How do I participate in the weekly e-discussion?

Only registered users can participate in the weekly e-discussions, and see the contributions made by other users. This is to maintain a certain level of confidence and trust and have a conversation which is not completely public but in a more intimate, safe space.

If you have received and accepted the invitation to join the TTIX Forum, log in with your username and password .

If don’t have an invitation, but are amongst TTI invited participants, click on Sign Up to register . Note that your request to join will have to be approved by our form admins or moderators before you are able to login onto the forum.

When you are logged in onto the Forum, you can navigate to the e-discussion category, see the weekly discussion topics, read the posts from other users and contribute your own views.

After you have created your account, each week, you will receive via email a new post with the weekly discussion questions. You’ll be invited to intervene (in the language of your choice) and reply to the discussion questions or comment on other participants’ posts.

At the end of each week, a summary post will bring together the main points of the discussion, and introduce the new discussion questions.